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About IQRA

Iqra is different from other institutions Iqra is an organization established for the upliftment of the backward classes living in different parts of the world.Iqra is a hub for a wide range of projects ranging from education, charity and healthcare. Iqra quran research Academy is driven by a noble vision: to make tomorrow better through quality education with uncompromised traditional values, research to redesign innovation to give it increased impact.

We are open to talented people, outstanding ideas and boundless resources to co-create the future of the world where people celebrate iqra was founded to accelerate universal endeavours in pursuit of achieving world peace, sustainable development, and educational excellence by translating knowledge into social-minded action.

Orphan Care

Iqra Orphan Care is a system that provides financial assistance to fatherless children to live with the love and care of their mothers and families.

Only children under the age of 15 will be considered for this initiative. Educational assistance and treatment assistance for selected children are prepared under our institution.

Rayyan Valley

Rayyan valley is our new initiative Children and family Elderly people who are absent are cared for with love and care.

We are ready for such an initiative realising that the need for such an institution is very great and essential in this modern age. Food, clothing and accommodation for them are all under us We do it with absolute trust and protection It is working under the Iqra Institute at bitherkkad in Nilgiri district, bordering Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Wellness Zone

Iqra wellness zone ancient knowledge with modern therapy to offer a unique approach to holistic self-care. Our holistic healthcare center located in Gudalur combines the best of both worlds to provide a one-of-a-kind East-West-West healing experience.

Our specialized departments of Pediatrics, Women's Wellness, Panchakarma, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine are dedicated to helping you defy age and lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

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